• Not just a festival. A new kind of ritual.

    Fire Flies Forest

  • Fire Flies Forest is an empowerment gathering held with the main intention, to light the fire within. Nature (The Forest) is our play and pray ground where we commune with her; to deepen our connection to ourselves and community. Here we get clear and relish in the presence of the present. In this place we honor our elders and the magick that has come before us. Offering sacraments of wisdom, music, art, and ritual prayerformance curated to forge higher versions of one’s self.


    Ether = Mystery

    Activate with the magick of the unseen and unknown.

    Earth = Ground

    Ground into nature and a more humble way of being.

    Water = Rejuvenate

    Rejuvenate your life and the world around you.

    Air = Intelligence

    Learn from experts in their fields.

    Fire = Empower

    Participate to be inspired, to move, to create, and to transform your life.



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  • Our Last Event

    We were honored to host you this Halloween for a New Kind of Ritual ~ SAMHAIM ~

    Samhain (Saa-wn) is the orgin of Halloween it is the time of the year where the veil to the spirit world is thinnest. To honor this time, our intent is to create a 4-day ceremony of celebration to connect with the spirit realm and our spirit within.


    We welcome all love light beings, new age witches, wizards , warlocks, fairies, mermaids, shamans, and magical practitioners to come back H'OM. To play and pray in a seed of Heaven on Earth. So that we may connect deeply and forge our chosen community.


    For those that are willing to do the magical work on these Samhain holy-days, you will be gifted an opportunity to pierce the veil and connect with the spirit realm.

    This weekend will be filled with participation, education, activation, liberation and most definitely celebration! We are preparing for you a multitude of experiences that will entertain and awaken your mind, body, and spirit.

    For Now, we will keep most details a mystery.

    So trust and flow with faith.

    Come light the fire within!

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